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About Us

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The Department of Science and Innovation (DSI) embarked on a focused program for infrastructure capacitation in certain key areas in the South African Science and Innovation space in 2017. This program was called the South African Research Infrastructure Roadmap (SARIR) and one of the main programs (of 9 in total) is DIPLOMICS which has enabled the formation of the D-CYPHR hub through engagement with some of it’s network labs, notably the CPGR and IDM Core facility.

Separately the DSI funds the Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) whose remit is to help create technology platforms to facilitate the bioeconomy in SA. The CPGR, founded in 2007, has received funding from TIA to facilitate the creation of a service platform focusing on both proteomic and genomic needs within the country.

Through DIPLOMICS and it’s network labs that it supports, the CPGR and IDM core facility the D-CYPHR hub was formed based on equipment from these entities in January 2022.

We offer the analyse of proteins and/or metabolites using a Discovery and Targeted Proteomics approach.

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